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Cabinet Resurfacing

Make the most of your cabinetry with cabinet resurfacing.

Cabinetry is one of the most important features in your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your home. The design and function of your cabinets determines if your space will work properly and enjoyably. If you have functional and quality cabinetry that is not to your tastes, it can be hard to justify the cost and effort of replacing your cabinetry. Here at Atlanta Cabinet and Coatings, we want to offer an alternative option with cabinet resurfacing in the Cumming, Georgia area.

When you have cabinets in good condition, we are able to use our skills to help you make the most of your existing cabinets through cabinet resurfacing. We can make dramatic transformations of cabinetry using either an on-site or off-site process that will help to change the look of your cabinets. We take the time to prepare your cabinetry with sanding and repairs, ensuring that your cabinets will be ready to take on new paint. Once your cabinets are properly prepped and ready to go, we apply a special coating that will harden to a factory-fresh finish. These glossy-smooth finishes are going to be tough, durable, and give your cabinets a new lease on life.

If you have been thinking of changing the look of your kitchen or bathroom, but don’t want to replace the cabinetry, we can help you achieve your goals with cabinet resurfacing. In just a few days on average, we can help you get a fresh look for your cabinetry. For more information, please give us a call today.